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From a Great Empire to Responsibilities of a Populist State Failed. Puebla Botín de élites

Critical discrepancies

Fernando A. Sandoval Guerrero

It is difficult to be critical, without violating the human sense of many because they are touched, through judgments of value, feelings and interests that tend to see only revanchism or vanity. In truth, every day the discordant emancipation of the letters of countless critics, analysts, commentators and the derision of the Vox Populi, the charming of millions of citizens who enjoy something very precious, ignorance, comes to light. the ignorance of a reality that approaches between the uncertainty of the distribution of gasoline and the shortage of food. It seems that insecurity is happening in the background because "you will see worse things," said the gentleman.
They stole! They shouted.
Come on! .- We bring a piece of cow.
The crowd felt the heat of the sun and the vulgarity worse than what is looming on the road.
The unlikely, in Veracruz, a truck accident of cattle that was stolen and cut in the presence of many and generations who will be left this world, trivialized and dying with the laughter of an amorphous transformation and responds to strengthen new groups of power or political elites that not only come from the Avilacamachismo, but from oppressive and pitiful groups that do not care to change their name, from Citlali or from Yedikol, but that is not digested by the new generations that only expect support such as scholarships, an increase to the elderly in age and resources, while there is dismissal of professionals who are in charge of the health sector and who have made efforts to have professional degrees to practice medicine, as well as police forces that do not have medical services, benefits and days extensive of more than 24 hours, (because that's what the job demands).
However, for Puebla, an electoral process is looming, where not only will it be difficult for the population, but for those who have reached the age of majority to cast their vote on election day, as well as being a complicated process where they will be reactivated again the institutional structures that will give certainty and legality where thousands of citizens will be again electoral officials in the different modalities and positions.
Surely, they will be strong, strengthened and committed to take another electoral process as they have always known how to do. That will be the electoral institutes like the IEE and the INE that will carry out the extraordinary process that is approaching.
On the other hand, will be the structures of political institutes that refine their worn out, polluting and sinful machinery, where they will lubricate the gears as they have always done, in order to bring water back to their mills, accommodating and removing human parts in their ways and your interests.
In truth, if the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, wants Puebla to progress and not only seek reconciliation, it should not influence a state violated by interests, great passions that he left behind, not only a power surrounded by violence and fraud, but of murders and accidents that leave to the free thought doubts and accusations.
Again it is necessary to quote, "It is difficult to be critical, without transgressing the human sense of many because they are touched, through judgments of value, feelings and interests that tend to see only revanchism or vanity and in the healthiest of intentions and of the criticism itself, demonstrating errors where the morbid of those who like to read seek in their subconscious, full of sadness and pain, the strength to face the reality of the perspectives of a modern world that demands new changes and new faces, it should be noted to make our environment a better world. "
If in truth, it is necessary to fight, the consequences of the different political systems, the needs of the people who have honestly sought a profession, full of values, of thought and morals that believes in Mexico, but not in false ones, should be solved. Expectations to take away to give others, to see by foreigners when Mexicans seek employment, food, security and above all credibility of their public institutions. Indeed, the example must be from above, but can not be trumpeted when the brazenness of the power struggle is shucked behind a partisan demagoguery that preaches love and peace when the respect for the right of others is violated by pursuing an end that only responds to the egocentricity of wanting to be the best and worst, when you are surrounded by many who are family, who are part of the history of the corruption accusations and play with the ignorance of the people, disguising in false languages ​​new systems of regime, which are amorphous, that have an antecedent and also an end. Corruption is not resolved by closing keys of water, gasoline, electric power foods. Conventionally, when it is convenient, a citizen consultation is sought, when deliberate actions are not carried out, which affect millions of citizens who fulfill their obligations and contribute to the national life a formality in all their actions. Social polarization is not a response to improve a People, populism is demagoguery, social programs are palliative, do not solve problems at the root and not to comment on international life respecting the state of sovereignty with respect for international law, they show a reality of those who, today, are failing, demonstrating ingenuity, ignorance and experience and that does not represent millions of Mexicans. If the governability of public institutions is not recomposed, it will be the beginning to destroy an empire that took hundreds of years beyond the Great Tenochtitlan.

Fernando A. Sandoval Guerrero * He is an essayist, critic and electoral political analyst. RVSAC. Informative Radio Chapultepec and IMER. Mexico.2000 Presea Acolmitzi Netzahualcoyotl 2002. Best visual representation, Congress of the State of Puebla, Poblana Woman, Today 2014. 1st. Place Photography "The values ​​and principles of accountability" ASE Puebla.2016. Lic. Political and Social Sciences and Public Administration. Specialty in Admon. Publ.

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