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Washing cloths. Political wines. First boil.

For Cholutec Times. Mexico. City.

Jorge Wurzer

Washing cloths. Political wines. First boil.

Jorge Wurzer

No doubt you have already started the Destapes a setback for the federal council and the interests of "emerging groups and contrived" are doing what they have always known to do election work only at election time. It really is a shame that only seek privileges, quotas of power for what we commonly say "sucking the treasury." First, for the case of Cholula and paint the tricolor beautifully the rainbow of their dreams,  Eduardo Zacatelco , who has done a lot of work, sympathetic courage, tenacity but comes the but, while not divorce and how much is love, PRI deem the shadow of  John Paul Jimenez , former president of San Pedro Cholula, who hypocritically asked to apologize for the second time and get the vote; Today, it is the other way, but if you have many  White  at the Delegation of Economics where they are falling federal programs.
! There would investigate who have obtained these programs and see big surprises! and who boasts she is very  young friend of Peña Nieto , at this point it is not known whether it is an honor or a shame, "no hairs" on the other side is also beautiful, the worker  Erika de la Vega  has done work career politician but comes, but while the ideal match between mixed games, people will not think as judges and I decided, not by anything the ICADEP be responsible,   Alejandro Oaxaca , former president of San Pedro Cholula who had great remarks on the issue of municipal cemetery and trail and that without the great uneasiness within the PRI municipal domes where as other "grasshoppers of power" without the narrow PRD and brown relations and Manuel Bartlett Diaz who together with Piña Olaya "expropriated area Atlixcayotl today Angelópolis where Serrana was killed by government forces of the state." Members will be sure because if not he or she is the PRI, PRD or brunette, someone will. still with brown veto to be their standard bearer. Take it Barbón.
Another, who also wants to  Francisco Castillo , former president and to be excited is Delegate President of the PRI in San Pedro Cholula, also Francisco Covarrubias Pérez . ¿ Matilde Roldan ? No? because surely it takes street and has been an alternate deputy twice, and she does not beat around the bush, so it's not something gave the deserving spaces and hard won, so it will be a headache for many and fear of many, so hang on because they started making little ones.

Cuaxiloa Victor Vicente , the incipient zavalismo. No?
Juan Manuel Reyes  who works hard but is it or is it green or red parakeet ?.
Also on the list  Jose Teapila  former president of San Gregorio Atzompa, enthusiastic young man who works for citizenship, ¿ Hermelinda Macoto Chapulli ? It can not be, and any tabiquero want to make adobe blocks. No !. defend first moto taxis and construction industry where  Palalía  took advantage.
Another one that gave "Chorrillo" day of political debate to the local district 8 Header San Andrés Cholula is  Miguel Angel Rivera Breton , who without being political, shunned his group became the Virgen de los Remedios he spoke and did not need citizens. Hopefully this sanito the tummy! and add, work and show.
Raymundo Cuautli , deputy president of the municipal PRI in San Andrés is also a candidate to be within the ranks of the PRI, but the shadow of Rafael Forcelledo  the PT candidate who says he was never PT was a citizen but also employee David Cuautli in together with other officials who received more good settlement of the City of San Andrés in times of David Cuautli.
Another who also wants to wash my sins in the neighborhood of  Santo Niño, Cuautli Jimenez  and who continue to support it, is also the councilman  Luis Marcos Duran, Omar Solis Coyopol  who still feels and says he wants. Is it?
And they went to hang some little notes and relive the rubble is  Oaxaca Alejandro Carreon , who still has issues with the fate of the family heirlooms in case "you step on the feet  Huepa "Sera? Will not it be the opposite? As we have seen them several bishops in San Andrés PAN touching doors and  10 federal electoral district  is very large and the groups and hordes already moved. ! Oral!
Like,  Cecilia Monzon  already made ​​tantrum disagreement so that put his hands  Sergio Galindo Lopez , right? It is not worth it. "They say means" What is good for SEDESOL Federal Delegate? Another one,  Quechol Chantes Michelangelo , who was in charge of DIF  Jiménez Juan Pablo Concha , and he raised his hand to  President Juan C. Bonilla  who will rain on his field. Also, PRI Delegate after  Alejandro Oaxaca  San Andres, thanks to his work imposed  Roses Gustavo Tello nephew  Gustavo Rosas Xomitl  who was supported by former PRI and PRD party provided get royalties. In addition to imposing the incipient ruler of the PRI and the PRI unknown forces of the San Andrés Cholula  EstefanChidiac son , the  shame of sanandreseños  and many citizens. ! They say in the municipal council! zaz. What  is the true ruler Silverio Lopez who works for the Mixtec? ! No!
What odd number have been seen outside the offices of PAN municipalities You do not really? What for? Negotiate? ! Not as think!
Another one that is working is the cause  Dolores Parra Jimenez . What  Jose Juan Espinosa  also want? ! No! someone save the Cholulans imagine. What awaits your vote here and the club? Túmbale.
No doubt Cholula no longer a bastion of deputies, because there did not do anything, just show copper, ignorance and famine?
And today's song says:
There are. The boy went out and found medallion.
! Huepa heee.!
! Mommy look what I found!

What things?

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