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Systems of labour employment and competitiveness

Administrative  approach and of human resources. Saint case Andrés Cholula, Populates. Mexico September 2015.

Lic. Fernando Sandoval Guerrero
Political forecaster and Essayist



Today, the need of the socially necessary work inside the political and social theories, keeps on being a true subject that requires no only a conscientious analysis, but q ué it is necessary to stand out, the creative way and propositiva to generate no only employments but  stimulate to workers highly qualified with service of vocation and quality of service in any one of the fields of offers that exist inside the labour frame.
For this brief study, have to take in account principles on todministración of the human resources like the most important part, sor behaviour, the managerial system, the supervision, the analyses of places, the wages, the recruitment and selection of personnel, the relations between workers and directors or companies, the education, the training, the measurement of the exert, the service,  the provision that have the employees and the channels of communication inside a process of development organizacional.
These points are necessary to be able to have a clearer vision of what pretends  inside the labour frame of who offers?  And to who offers  to work?
They exist different studies on labour politics like the one of “Serie Mejores Políticas” “political better Mexico for a development incluyente”  September 2012 and qorand is part of the acervo of the OCDE (Organisation for the Cooperation and the one ofsarrollo Andconómicos), the one who has like main aim:
“Promote better political for a better life catering a forum in which the governments share experiences and look for solutions to common problems”.  
And this involves inside the governmental systems the important work that has to do the National System of And mpleo and the empathy that has to to have with the different systems of state and municipal employment. Ofv ital importance stand out that the system of work for all the Mexicans, did not have to involve the system of political parties, but does not be necessary to forget that muchave times the system of parties, generates inequality in going down programs of employment to the different political systems Federal, state and municipal; but east is another subject of study.
Returning to the study of the OCDE, in his section 1 the potential of growth, does not signal, that
“In Mexico exists a convergence average with the other countries of this international organisation very slow of growth”; but this is not a negatividad,  by the contrary,  Mexico has a lot of fortresses qué can take advantage of to promote the potential of growth like the abundant natural resources, young and dynamic population and a high opening degree commercial, in addition to sharing an extensive border with a world-wide economy, also affirms  that the country, has logrado big advances, in the increase of the coverage of s avalanche, andducación aumento of the competition and programs of reduction of innovative and successful poverty of the world; however, it sustains that andxisten still “necks of bottle” and are missing reforms.
“Andn Mexico there are annual taxes of the 4 percent in matter of growth” by what it is necessary impress the productivity by means of better academic results and a better human capital prepared for the needs of the labour market.
The peros
They exist deficiencies in educational quality and in the matrículaanimal, particularly in secondary education, average superior and upper that  limit the potential contribution of the human capital to the Mexican economy therefore it constitutes a regrettable waste of excedentes of workers with profiles that do not give the result wished by the companies that require hand-held of better Mexican work qualified and with a better labour culture.
It is necessary to apply new programs and no only of labour qualification since the problem comes from the start of the education of the students that prepare  day with day to be new profesionistas those who have the problem to decide that they want to be, or in that they want to be ready and to where go to work to generate economic resources to them same  and to his families, but especially, “qué go to contribute to the nation”.
If all the Mexicans had the thought to contribute andn profit ofeverything s the citizens and to the homeland, surely there would be less unemployment and there would be less poverty, but for this requires  that the And stado same from his conception of Theory of the State, believe the conditions to transform the educational processes and mechanisms for the work and this will have to be metódicamente and quickly if it requires  have a growth accelerated of the national economic power and a considerable decrease of the unemployment and in addition to a decrease of the rezago educational national.
At present inside the System of Employment of:

Andxisten the rubros:

Program of Support to the Employment (PAE)

It consults the statistical information related with the Programs of Support to the Employment which promote the placing of unemployed people or subempleadas by means of the otorgamiento of economic supports or in species.

Programs of Employment

It consults the corresponding statistical information to the programs of employment oriented to the generation and preservation of the employment, by means of alternatives of occupation.

Actions of Labour Links

Query report them corresponding statisticians to the main actions of labour links promoted by the National Service of Employment, in the 32 states of the Mexican Republic.

Program of Support to the Employment (PAE)
It consults the statistical information related with the Programs of Support to the Employment which promote the placing of unemployed people or subempleadas by means of the otorgamiento of economic supports or in species.
It selects the information that wish to consult:
Program of Support to the Employ
statistical Summary of the actions made in support to the employment, with federal and state budget.
Statistical of the program "Bécate", created to support to citizens of all the country, with the aim that they incorporate  to courses of qualification for the work, and purchase or strengthen his knowledges and skills.
Promotion to the Autoempleo
Statistics of the program "Boost to the autoempleo", which looks for incentivar the generation or consolidation of employments, by means of the delivery and the otorgamiento of economic supports to person.
Internal Labour mobility
Statistics of the program "Labour Mobility Intern", headed to jornaleros agricultural that find  in search of employment and wish to reside in another entity and/or place of the Mexican Republic.
Repatriated Working
Statistical of the program "Repatriated working", whose aim is to support to connacionales repatriated of the EUA, to facilitate them his incorporation to an employment in the border zone.

Programs of Employment

It consults the corresponding statistical information to the programs of employment oriented to the generation and preservation of the employment, by means of alternatives of occupation.
It selects the information that wish to consult:
Program of Attention to Situations of Labour Contingency
Statistics of the Program of Attention to Situations of Labour Contingency, which has by aim contribute to the preservation of the employment or productive occupation, and to the economic recovery, in case to present  situations of labour contingency.

Program of Temporary Employment Urbano
Statistical of the Program of Temporary Employment Urbano, oriented to the support of temporary form in the monetary entry of the population affected during periods of low labour demand or emergencies originated by natural phenomena or economic causes.

Program of Temporary Agricultural Workers Mexico-Statistical
Canada of the Program of Temporary Agricultural Workers Mexico-Canada, an alternative of safe occupation, orderly and legal for Mexican workers that wish laborar temporarily in agricultural farms Canadians in activities of crop and harvest, as well as in activities of apiculture and horticulture.

Actions of Labour Links

Query report them corresponding statisticians to the main actions of labour links promoted by the National Service of Employment, in the 32 states of the Mexican Republic.
It selects the information that wish to consult:
Opening Statistical
spaces of the program "Opening spaces", which promotes the creation of stock exchanges of work specialised and the aprovechamiento of the capacities of greater adults and people with disability.

Emergent attention
Statistics of the "Program of Emergent Support", oriented to preserve the balance in the labour market and promote the conditions for the development of the economic activity and of the employment.

Attended and planted by Statistical
gender of the people attended and planted by means of the programs of the SNE, to national level.

Stock exchange of Statistical
Work of the free service of labour links of the SNE, which has by aim link to the searcher of employment with options of work chords with his labour profile.

Centres of Labour Intermediation (CIL)
Statistical of the CIL, modules of service, situated in the main offices of the SNE, instrumented with computers with access to internet and other tools for the integral support of the processes of labour links.

Fairs of Statistical
Employment of the fairs of employment, direct and agile mechanisms, created to attend the needs of human resources of the companies, and link them with the profile of the searchers of employment.

Portal of the Statistical
Employment of the Portal of the Employment, a tool of attention and support to the citizenship that provides and facilitates information, orientation, qualification and consultancy related with the labour market.

Services of Statistical Labour
Links of the main mechanisms of attention of the SNE, that promote the links of searchers of employment with companies that request personal.

SNE By Statistical
Telephone of the SNE by telephone, which has like main aims: facilitate the links between oferentes and demandantes of employment, and inform to the people on the services that provides the SNE.

By which, exist alternative programs for mejoramiento of conditions of life of the Mexicans in labour matter.
It is important to take in account, the type ofm ercado labour that exists in Mexico, because it has to give  a new approach where has to characterise  how says it the OCDE, “a protection to the companies and to the employees”;  only like this surtirá effect the growth of the productivity and with this will diminish  the social inequality.
Ands necessary reduce the costs of contracting as well as it s of the dismissals, by means of agreements of different terms, simplify and; in his case, diminish litigios labour to give certidumbre to all the parts involved.
“Por This Mexico does not grow, so much the companies put padlocks and defences not to give provision to the employees how the workers do not produce more than what can produce, this is a process of labour antagonisms. This is not of hardly, on the one hand the company looks for the on exploitation of the workers from the schedules and his productivity and quality and by theanother , the workers abuse of the good faith of a lot of contractors or companies to generate them provision, permissions and optimum labour conditions in time and form”.

To who give him the reason?
The companies look for better fiscal conditions and of development and the better workers time condition and wages that are him redituables for the maintenance of his families, something that is not moved away of the reality, but that does not exert  by the fault of knowledge of the handle of the human resources. Tan Bad is to be a benevolent boss like a boss tiránico, a capataz. Por This muchos hard-working do  that they work and a lot of bosses do  what command.
Nowadays, it is importantísimo the work of the stock exchange of work of the governmental systems, nor matters that they are federal state or municipal, the aim is to accommodate to an unemployed to be a productive worker. It is orn economic human resource to keep  or to keep to his family and to all the economic process of the Country.
The stock exchange of work, involves principles of behaviour and performance that andstán contemplated in 5 axes rectors:
1.        Professional commitment
2.        Respect of the people
3.        Integrity
4.        Loyalty and,
5.        Solidarity

Four principles of performance that guide the actions of the business or managerial system as well as of collaborators in the execution of his functions:
1.        Respect to the legality
2.        Respect to the environment
3.        Respect to the hygiene and the security in the work and;
4.        Respect to the right of the workers.
Ifn embargo, toquí also, would owe to exist the principles of performance of the workers for the  mejoramiento of the quality of work, qualification, serve eagerly, vocation and quality without thinking that it will receiven prime economic; tounque for this factor the companies owe to have the supervision of exert and productivity. It does not have to  lose of sight program of stimuli and rewards that nowadays no longer  andjecutan and that the governments have gone disappearing.
In the case of Saint Andrés Cholula, Populates. Mexico, have existed different fairs of the employment of which have been all successful,  however, it is necessary to follow ponderando some factors.
All service and ofrecimiento in favour of the community is positive for lto citizenship of Saint Andrés what involves a greater challenge.
The work that comes making the National System of employment to Federal level, busca counter the rezago in labour matter  but the needs of the population rebasan; some occasions the expectations of ofrecimiento labour of the stock exchanges of governmental work, thus, ands necessary incentivar no only activities of qualification in the matter, has to counter  the true needs like the type of human resources that exist in the region and it is necessary ponderar the educational levels, issocial deals, experience in matter of work and the true principle of service, availability  and need of the work.
Of agreement to the statistics of 2015 of the SNE, sustains that it exists an increase of unemployment but that displaces  according to the tax of the population that grows and develops :

 In comparison with 2014
 And 2013

In this last fair of the  employment in Saint Andrés Cholula, in coordination with the National System of employment, offered  more than 1000 employments, of which until the one of the afternoon, to the closing of registers, more than 2120 people attended to request employment. More than 287 registers  were contemplated incidentally.
2407  they were the participants to the second fair of the employment roughly.
In reference to the past year, assisted 1057 people, what represents a considerable increase by the diffusion and variables of increase of the population.
Positively, they surpassed  you put them, they covered  the expectations, what involves to surpass the number of companies as well as the number of employments since if ponderamos a projection for the next year, will need to have more than 3000 vacancies for these new applicants of employment. It is an ambitious projection but that has to take  in account.
The data of the past year had an approximate of 75 percent of hired, but after 3 months only 40% continue working, the factors were varied, works moved away of the community, illness and desinterés.
In 2014, they participated 40 companies to offer employments, today went more than 64 And still remained 23 in reservation, what involves the importance of the work that comes making the edil Saint Andrés dream Leoncio Paisano Arias and especially the work in matter of municipal economy of Salvador Castañeda, who has been at the top of the Office of Economic Promotion.
It knows  that this work involves organisation and coordination, but especially of a series of logistical what are vital to give immediate answer so much to the empleadores how to those who look for work and and incursionar to the labour frame.
The population that assisted to look for employment is originaria of Saint Andrés Cholula in his majority the remaining of municipalities circunvecinos to the region what  enteraron by the diffusion of local means and that have had an important work in municipal activities of Saint Andrés Cholula.
The event had a lot of participation, by what the municipal authorities, already generated a bank of data where have registered the companies participants and those that want to participate no only in fairs of the employment but also in stock exchanges of work in coordination with the National System of Employment.

Andl event had a lot of participation, by what the municipal authorities, already generated a bank of data where have registered the companies participants and those that want to participate no only in fairs of the employment but also in stock exchanges of permanent work that the own city council of Saint Andrés Cholula keeps in the office of employment.
Cuadro de texto: “Andstas actions has the aim to offer and plant around 1800 vacancies of employment of technical character, operative and professional,  that go of wages from among the 3 one thousand and the 20 one thousand monthly weights”.

Edil Leoncio Paisano Arias

The municipal work is having a success; no only to municipal level but also regional since this fair of the employment had the participation of federal and state authorities and municipal, as, Sergio Moreno Fence in Germán, Local Deputy of the District VIII; Luis Antonio Jiménez Kuri, Subsecretario of Work and Social Forecast Of the State Of Populates; Vanessa Barahona of Rosa, Federal Delegate of Work; Raquel Rosalía Of the Razo Valdés , General Director of the State Service of Employment; and of Salvador Castañeda, Secretary of Economic Promotion of Saint Andrés Cholula.

Fault a lot for doing, everything goes in good way for the next fairs of the employment and  will have to n take in account even more, a better  recruitment and selection of personnel, because this is the most important process of the human resources and is the paramount requirement to be able to choose to the best candidate to the work to give good results and put in high the principles of the current administration, of not being like this will have to  redimensionar the projects in matter of stock exchanges of work and new generators of employment.
SAnd will have to take in account, the selection that allow the election of the most adapted person for the suitable place and the suitable cost, only like this will allow  the realisation of the worker in the exert of his place and the development of his skills and potentials to end to do them more satisfactorys for the community and the organisation.
Have the principles of the selection of personnel, plant, orient with ethical professional to the future candidates to the employment, but also, will have to have  a responsibility in the area of selection of personnel; what involves: the vacancy, the requisición the analysis and valuación of places, the inventory of human resources, the sources of recruitment, the application of employment, interview, definitions and his phases as well as you report them necessary and medical psychological proof and of labour experience, as well as, the socioeconomic study, for the decisions finales of if it is ideal candidate, to a vacancy given.
Sólo Like this, the true work of a stock exchange of work like a labour fair will give the best results como come  making in the municipality.

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